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Outfit details: vintage Stetson: thrift store, navy blue corduroy jumper: Old Navy, vintage button up: thrift store, Everlane tote bag

I think this navy blue jumper dress is the oldest thing that I continuously wear from my closet. I probably wear it at least once a month and I think I purchased it 5+ years ago? One time I found a tan version of this dress at a a thrift store a year or two ago and I'm still kicking myself for not grabbing it. 

In other news, currently sitting on the couch re-watching old Breaking Bad episodes.  UGH this show!!! Cannot wait to see how the series finale plays out. 

Oh and also, I've been working extra hard on my Etsy shop these days! Trying to fill it up to the gills with new merchandise and I'm flirting with the idea of expanding more of the home goods section. We'll see. I've been updating several times a week so come take a look?  AND if you like MILK TEETHS on facebook you can get a 10% off discount-just message me for the code ;-) 

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  1. I found this exact pinafore at the thrift store last weekend in navy and in dark green! It looks so good on you, it's making me wish I bought it! Only a dollar each, too.


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  3. oh this is so heffing cute. I love the A-line shape of the jumper- they don't make those enough! I think this is my favorite ever outfit of yours! love it!

  4. Such a great outfit. Love it all, I always have to remind myself that the us version of jumper is different top the UK one! Love the pinafore.

  5. Love this outfit. I'm a huge fan of jumpers.

  6. too cute for me, ugh you carry off this look too well, I'm afraid I'd just look too precious while you look AMAZING


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