Thrifted Home: What I've Bought From The Thrift Store

I know that I usually update with a thrift files post about the cool stuff I've seen while thrifting, but I realized that I never really share the pieces that I've actually found and BOUGHT at the stores so I figured I'd do a post on that. Without further adieu...

Vintage hinged floral tin. I LOVE old tins (as you'll see) and I'm drawn to ones that are colorful and have interesting shapes. Currently this tin holds my favorite Kodachrome booklets...

I found this old mirror a few weeks ago at the Goodwill. It is HEAVY but I love its trifold shape. I don't have a place to put it yet but I'd like to carve out a tiny vanity in the bedroom, this mirror would be perfect for that nook.
Another old floral tin! This one is a tin bank. Such great color usage.
Aaaand another! 

A pretty blue glass electric insulator. Found at the Goodwill

I pretty much don't drink but it doesn't stop me from buying vintage barware.  All found at various thrift stores. Pictured: a glass cocktail shaker (with scenes from Paris), a California jigger glass, leather ice bucket, and wood and brass bar set.

Can't remember If I've shared this one but this is a dried floral and driftwood arrangement housed underneath a bell jar. Found at the Goodwill. I've left it as is but I may want to put something different under the  jar

An old '50s wire cake stand. 
A favorite find (from the Salvation Army)! An old '60s world map, this hangs in the sitting room. I love the colors so much.


  1. these are all such amazing finds. I share your love of tins, those are all so beautiful! and that map is so awesome!

  2. That mirror is a DREAM! I love it. I'm currently on the hunt for old maps too...I love yours!

  3. that 60s map is awesome! just awesome!

  4. great finds, make me wana to come south and thrift!

  5. Love love that mirror! I always see them at antique fairs but they are super pricey.

  6. such cool finds! super jealous of that bell jar though, super beauty and the beast ;)

    at this volume

  7. Good finds! Especially the cake stand and those darling tins.

  8. These are some serious scores! I love your collection of tins. Something tells me there's many more where these came from. ;)

  9. Hi! Your tins are really beautiful! Are them on sale!? I like so much the first one Vintage hinged floral tin! Let me know! thanks!


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