Outfit Details:
vintage Mexican embroidered blouse: thifted, RVCA denim overalls, vintage yellow bandanna, Need Supply sunglasses

Hello! Thought I'd pop in and post an outfit from a week or so ago. My hair was an unwashed mess so on the bandanna went.

In other news, life's been pretty good. I've been busy working and maintaining the shop. I have so much stuff that's sitting in my vintage closet just waiting to be listed but honestly, after working in front of a computer at my "regular" job during the day,  coming home and hopping back on a laptop is definitely very low on my list of Things That Sound Like Fun.  I usually get home around 5 and do one of three things:  either hang out with friends and get dinner, look up a recipe and  make dinner,  or go out thrifting with Grant which results in me finding things for the shop and stuffing them into the closet to be dealt with later (and the cycle continues).  Sigh. Doesn't help that we have the slowest internet known to man at our place. Literally 1998 modem status. And if both of us are on the computer at the same time? Forget it.

 I think that's enough ranting for today ;-(


  1. great outfit! love the headscarf!

  2. It is no secret how much I love this outfit! And I think you are doing very well. I totally understand your predicament though, I work full time and so rarely have the time (or luck) to have sunshine on my day off for photographing the goods. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that clothes are mended, washed and ready on the mannequin when we are lucky enough to be graced with a brief interlude of sun! Sometimes when thrifting I feel guilty that I see good things and don't buy them even when I have a gut feeling that it wouldn't sell or is too big/small to be popular. Oh, the trials and tribulations of etsy sellers! xx

  3. Girl, I SO feel you here! I work full time (sitting in front of a computer) and not only are there not enough hours in the day, there's also not enough LIGHT in the day to get stuff listed! I am hopefully going full time with my vintage shop in about a month so hopefully that fixes that problem!
    I LOVE your outfit here too! Just pinned it to my style inspiration board, now to find a pair of overalls that fit this well :)
    xo Hannah

  4. I love the prints of your scarf and top! It's seriously hard to sit in front of the computer all day and then spend your time off there too!

  5. Love the top! And completely feel ya on the internet issues. Ours has been cutting in and out a bunch and it makes me want to chuck the router at the wall.

  6. That blouse is Mexican indeed and traditional, but I do not get why you call it vintage.


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