Huntington Gardens

Outfit Details:
vintage 1970s embroidered maxi dress
vintage stetson hat - thrift store
vintage leather boots - thrift store
everlane tote

A few weeks ago Grant and I decided to check out Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. We both had never been but had heard so many amazing things--we just had to go. Also, that weekend was my birthday so we decided to go big and get afternoon tea there too (it was great!). We went on a Friday and luckily it wasn't too crowded and it stayed kind of overcast which nice, it made it seem more Fall like. Besides gardens, they also have some amazing art collections on the grounds. They have an exhibition about the California missions which was interesting to see, namely because they had an old slideshow playing on one of the walls projecting old kodachrome slides of people from the 50s-60s visiting some of the missions. 

On a different note: OMG BREAKING BADDDDD! Still not over how good the ending was.  So sad the series is over :*(  Perhaps I'll drown my sorrows by buying some merch at the AMC store?? I definitely have my eye on a few things...


  1. stunning and I adore your dress.

  2. That sounds like such a fun way to spend your birthday! I'm loving your outfit :D I would never look good in that, haha

  3. Looking lovely as always, Ashley & happy belated birthday. :) I'll have to check out Huntington Gardens next time I'm visiting my parents!

  4. wow great garden! I like to this kind of green places for visiting and taking pics! and I really wonder about Breaking Bad since almost everyone around me is talking about it :)

  5. you look great in that outfit and this garden is just stunning! :) www.cosmicconfession.blogspot.de

  6. I love that outfit! And i dunno if I've missed anything, and i don't wanna start any wrong rumors here or be rude, gosh no, but i feel like you kinda look...pregnant.

  7. such beautiful pictures!! :) xx

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