scenes from the alley

Outfit details:
striped shirt - thrift store
Current/ Elliott high waist skinnies - c/o Joie
leather loafers - thrifted
Everlane tote

Poppin in to say hello! Pictured is pretty much what I wear most days out of the week. Jeans, stripes, loafers. Nothing too crazy. 

On a different note, here's a list of things I've been into lately:

American Horror Story
I normally don't like watching "scary" TV shows but since it's October I feel like it's only appropriate to try to get into the Halloween spirit. Welp, Grant and I watched the first season on Netflix and UMMMM.....wut?? I would say the first half of the season was legitimately eerie/ spooky but then the show got RIDICULOUS! Like Grant and I would look at each other and just start laughing during certain parts because it was so outrageous. Anyone who watches the show feel me on this?

Rice Krispy Treats
Specifically, Kellog's Rice Krispy Treats. I've opened a Pandora's box that had previously been closed for YEARS. I can't stop eating these! I look for them in liquor stores/gas stations....I can't bring myself to buy a box at the super market because I will devour said box in an evening if left to my own devices. Full disclosure: after I write this post I'm going to eat a 'king size' rice krispy treat. The texture is the BEST, homemade can't compare. 

Peanut butter and honey on toast
I pretty much dislike the taste of honey and yet when spread on some peanut butter? Not so bad! I've been eating a piece of toast with peanut butter and honey for 5 days straight.

My Hair!
It's getting looonnngg! I'm a little tempted to cut it but I haven't had long hair in a while so I'll keep growing it out. I'm also tempted to dye my hair but I don't think I'm prepared for the upkeep. Maybe when I start to go gray? Hopefully that doesn't happen for a long time (I probably just jinxed myself). 


  1. Love this look! Especially the shoes :)
    (and yea, I am far too lazy to die my hair, probably won't even do it when I start going gray)

  2. Dude. First, rice krispy treats are awesome [and the homemade kind is the best! can't believe you don't like them that way!]. Second, I'm the same way when it comes to my hair - I'm actually growing it out as we speak [I've been sporting the pixie for a few years and decided to grow it out last summer just so I could do the whole top-knot look (I know I'm lame...) and it's about a few inches pants my shoulders], but I'm deciding whether or not to cut it chin-length. I've been wanting to dye my hair blue or black-blue, but having to take extra care of it is just too much work for me. Third, American Horror Story is crazy. My boyfriend and I watched the first season sometime this past summer and we were definitely shocked. Some of the stories are like WUTTT??? And the characters are complex. It is definitely ridiculous. And graphic. We're waiting for season 2 to come on netflix. Last, you look cute. I love breton stripes- I have a couple too many of these shirts, but I'm still in search of the perfect black skinnies since the ones I have had started to wear and fade after a couple washes. Anyway, yeah. Oh, and one more thing - I love honey and am not a peanut butter fan, but putting them together on toast makes the PB tolerable! You should try banana and peanut butter if you haven't already [and if you like bananas] - it's pretty good!

  3. I've been tempted to cut my hair lately also, but I always felt that my hair type is better long since the weight of the hair makes waves instead of frizz. I think I may have stumbled upon your blog two years ago while I was trying to find a style for when I was getting a haircut! I can't wait to get gray hair though. There's a dapper silvery-haired fox I see walking around campus, and I can't wait to grow up to be just like him.

    To fill you in on AHS, I've watched the first two seasons and have come to the conclusion that it's either the writers don't know how to end them or they're playing up the campy nature of horror. AHS: Asylum started off swell, but once too many additional story lines and extraneous characters were being introduced, I just couldn't take it seriously. If you want a reason to keep watching, the second season had decent character development and the stories of Zachary Quinto's character and Jessica Lange's character were pretty good. I only watched the first episode of Coven despite the great cast, and already gave up on it since it seems like the writers want to start off with the ridiculousness rather than wait until mid-season. But who knows? If I hear good things about it later on, I might give it another chance.


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