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vintage leather jacket
vintage 60s dress - borrowed from the shop
vintage leather loafers
Maybelline Color Elixir Samples  c/o Maybelline

Photos by Grant Hatfield

A while ago I was contacted by Maybelline and Refinery29 wanting to know if I was up for trying out Maybelline's new lip gloss line, Color Elixir. Uh...yes, please! I always have an eye out for fun new lip products, if you look into my purse you'll find about 15 different lipsticks, lip glosses, lip pencils, lip balms...you get the picture. No such thing as too much lip stuff, I say!

They sent over three colors, A red (Signature Scarlet), Pink (Fuschia Flourish), and a Purple-y pink (Raspberry Rhapsody) .  I was kind of apprehensive about the two shades that weren't red (those above mentioned 15 lip products always in my purse? All of them are shades of red) but I was pleasantly surprised. The pink, although bright, was totally wearable and didn't look weird against my skin tone, which I've found is usually the case with pink lip colors. Also, I was expecting the Raspberry Rhapsody to go on super dark and purpley but it's actually a really sheer, wine color. Not bad! 

However, my true love will forever be a red lip and the Signature Scarlet did not disappoint.  For everyday, I usually just do a small dab of the lip gloss and smear it around with my pinky for a natural look.  You can definitely intensify the color by adding more gloss (which I did for these photos!). BONUS: there is no shimmer in these lip glosses. Shimmer has it's time and place, but I don't normally like it on my lips. DOUBLE BONUS: this lip gloss stays on for a long time and has a really nice texture, sort of like a thick, velvety lip balm, a perfect antidote to the super dry Fall & Winter air.

Anyway, thanks for the lip loot, R29 & Maybelline. These babies will be added to the roster ;-)

Sponsored by Refinery29 


  1. I just bought Signature Scarlet a few days ago, and wore it on a 12-hour workday with only one touch-up! After a few hours this particular shade lost it's glossiness but left a great stain on my lips! Super comfortable, and beautiful red shade too!

    1. yess! It lasts so long and the color is a really natural looking red. Glad to read that you're into it too :)

  2. super gorgeous lip colors! I love the badass rockabilly look you've got going here too - the eyeliner, the hair, the leather jacket; and keeping it different with the loafers and bright socks. so awesome!!

    1. you totally got what I was going for ;-) thanks for the sweet words gf!

  3. You look gorgeous! I love this color on you :)

  4. I used signature scarlet in my first youtube video - I love it so, so much and this post is perfect! You look absolutely gorgeous <3 <3

  5. I love experimenting with different lip colors, but the scarlet red is always the classic and best choice! You look great :)

  6. You look amazing! And I am just now browsing for new lip colours so maybe these will find their way to my purse!



  7. Gorgeous look!! I love houndstooth and a fabulous leather jacket!

    - Regina
    Margarita Bloom: Retro Beauty & Skincare


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