try again

Outfit Details:
Vintage Levi's jacket - thrift store
striped shirt - thrift store
Current/ Elliott high waist skinnies - c/o Joie
beret - etsy
sunglasses - Asos
loafers - thrift store

So here I am trying to make a beret happen (again). I love hats and have no problem wearing beanies, baseball caps, floppy hats, mountain man hats,  however, when it comes to berets I'm always like, "...I think this might look stupid on my head?". Cue Grant walking by, "oh hey Samuel L Jackson". SIGH. Not the look I was going for, but thanks. 

Anyway, I guess I was feeling particularly bold this day and threw caution to the wind. Berets will forever remain elusive but I suppose it won't stop me from trying to plop one on my head every Fall & Winter. 


  1. Looove this look! Those jeans fit you like a glove! I wish I looked good in hats, ha ha

  2. ha! berets never work on me either and it drives me nuts! you look totally cute in these photos though- you're making it work for you just fine:)

  3. berets sure are tricky. i have a pretty big head and have a hard time finding one that doesn't give me a headache by the end of the day. it safe to say you pulled it off quite well lady.

  4. I'm obsessed with berets and your hair. you pull it off quite well, and as for samuel l jackson...doesn't he wear some sort of brimmed hat, or is it a beret?

  5. I love how most your outfits are thrifted!! totally gives me the best inspiration :)

    you got a new follower <33 can't wait for more new looks!


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