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Outfit details: 
vintage Stetson- thrifted, random korean brand dress- thrifted, jacket- BB Dakota, orange tights- Target, Sam Edelman booties- thrifted, novelty print hankie- pile sale

Hey there! Dropping in to share a few photos taken last weekend when Grant and I popped on up to LA to check out the Richard Avedon show currently going on at the Gagosian Gallery. Before we hit the gallery, we had lunch at my new favorite spot, Pie Hole, in the Toy District (?) of Downtown LA. All they serve are pie things so of course I was all about it. We had been once before and decided to repeat last visits order of cornbread chicken pot pie and a slice of earl gray pie. Ugh the earl gray pie is like nothing I've ever tasted! I love earl gray and this pie perfectly captures the slightly lemony/ floral essence in earl gray. HIGHLY recommended!

After that we wound our way up to Hollywood and took a slight detour and checked out the Walk of Fame. I had never been and uhh one visit was definitely enough. It's a super touristy area (obviously) but I did get a kick at looking at the character impersonators. All of them are so terrible that it's funny.  The Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator did tell me he liked my hat each time I walked by so there's that ;-)

Anyway, on to the main event! The show was amazing! The gallery is on Rodeo Drive and is FREE! The show itself was definitely museum worthy, these few iphone shots really don't do it justice. I've been an admirer of his work for some time but seeing these photos wants me to get all of his photo books and a few prints. So inspiring and definitely a must see for this month if you are in Southern California.

So many Audrey photos which was fine by me!

Photo tourist. One of my most favorite shots by him, it was incredible to see the print in person.

My new favorite photo: Lovey & Petunia (at least, that's what I think their names should be)


  1. Cute dress! I love finding offbeat, Asian brand clothing in thrift stores. The Salvation Army in downtown Oakland sits right in the middle of China Town and has produced many a gem for myself.

  2. we loved going to pie hole when we were living in LA! nerrmmm. this outfit is so so cute on you and I LOVE your braids! makes me miss hair...

  3. Those Audrey shots are so gorgeous! That sounds like an amazing place to visit :)

  4. love the hat! that expo looks amazing! it's always great to see real prints, we tend to under-appreciate that about photography.

  5. Loving the red tights! Congrats on your title on Who What Wear! That's awesome!!




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