poodle parlor

Love the old buildings in Olvera Street, the white washed brick--swoon!
Spotted: A Selena and Jackson 5 era Michael Jackson caricature. Too good.
Earl Grey pie from The Pie Hole in DTLA. I dream about this pie it's that good.
Outfit Details:
Denim moto jacket, brand unknown, thrift store
Teal knit blouse, polka dot blouse, vintage, thrift store
Levi's high waisted skinny jeans
Vintage button pins

Hello, hello! These photos are old (from November) but I guess I never got around to posting them. Grant and I took a trip up to LA (it seems like we've been going up to LA a lot, I feel like a lot of recent posts have started off with this same sentence) to visit the MOCA, eat pie, and stroll around Olvera Street. As we were waiting in line to get tickets for the MOCA, there was a woman in front of us who wanted her money back because she didn't like the exhibits at the museum. We both thought that was so strange until we walked in and saw this exhibit:

I'm only posting two photos to spare you, but it was seriously the creepiest art exhibit I've ever seen. The exhibit was of clowns at a funeral and what you can't hear are the sounds of sobbing and carnival music which really took the weirdness level to a 10. I will say though that Grant and I spent a lot of time within this space looking at the different clowns because they were SO realistic, like I was half expecting one to blink or to grab me or something. I guess I can understand why that lady wanted her money back. 

PS: Totally surprised by this, but Who What Wear included me in their 2013 Best Of Street Style  round up for best vintage outfits. Really unexpected but appreciated nonetheless :) You can check out the slideshow here


  1. OK, that clown is absolutely terrifying but I LOVE your outfit! How are you so cool all the time? I need to go to CA and go thrifting with you or something. I would want my money back too!!

  2. Love that leather jacket and the cut of the jeans on you :)
    Those clowns are so creepy! Ha ha
    AAAND CONGRATS on the feature, so exciting!

  3. love this outfit!!! that jacket was a great find!

    i didn't know you could ask for your money back lol but i mean, i get it, those clowns are too scary.

    also, congrats on that feature!!

    at this volume


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