It's been far too long since I've done a Thrift Files post so here is an extra long one filled with all of the photos that I've been hoarding on my phone since oh, say, summertime? Whoops!  I'm not sure if I've already posted a few of these before so apologies if there are any doubles in here...
Just me with some really stellar Pomeranian glamour shots. Found at the Salvation Army
fiber art, so hot right now, fiber art. Goodwill maybe?

A Quail and a Duck friend. Savers.

A cool old outdoorsman magazine from the 50s. I'll take a hudson bay blanket for Christmas, thanks. Salvation Army.

Love these old aluminum shell chairs from the 50s-60s.

Would not mind getting my hair did in any one of these amazing 60s salon chairs! St. Vincent de Paul.
Cute little woodsy canisters.
Teeny luggage for teeny people. Salvation Army.

An enamel pot to make a cup of hot cocoa in (that's what I'd use it for!).

A pretty sweet patch on an old suede vest.
love this fern and floral print. Salvation Army.
I have the navy blue version of this tin.
A teeny steamer style trunk for doll clothes or something. I love the travel stickers on it.
Such a cool cover. Too bad this wasn't a picture book.
A good looking chair
A wee brass owl. Salvation Army

Diner style coffee mugs. Salvation Army.
A little wooden trunk filled with old spools of thread.
UGH. I LOVE California tile tables and it is my life's mission to find a table at a thrift store. This one was $500 and way overpriced for the condition it was in. The search continues.
Shoulda got the "Don't Tread On Me" glass.
A handy pocket guide.
Cake breaker! Super cool packaging.
Ketchup and mustard wooden chairs. St. Vincent de Paul.
Bought these two vintage SF coffee cans. Gonna put some plans in them. Goodwill.
Land line temptation...

More thrift files can be found here!


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