green flash

 Outfit details: vintage lace dress - thrifted, mohair cardigan - thrifted, round sunglasses - asos

Every time I see the sun set over the ocean I try desperately to look for the green flash, a flash of light that appears right after sunrise and sunset. I command myself to keep my eyes wide open, and to avoid blinking at all costs. Sadly, I've never seen that green glimmer. There's always the next sunset, right?


  1. Green flash or not, lovely photos ^^

  2. Like in Pirates! Ha ha (or in the New Years episode of Arthur, he he)
    That dress is super pretty, I love the color

  3. I've never heard of this green flash thing. I'll have to try too. Also, what I love about your blog/style is that you can just bounce between casual/tomboy and girly/sweet. Its fantastic and inspiring.

  4. Gah it looks absolutely gorgeous where you are! So so tired of snow. I forgot what it feels like to have bare legs outdoors! You look lovely by the way, and that cardigan is dreamy. :)

  5. I had been to thrift shops the past weeks and it is so addicting. Lovely and unique dresses! Your dress is pretty, and that's one of my fave colors!


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