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Outfit details: denim jacket via Cardigan King. Raglan sweater, thrifted. Deadbeat Club tote bag. Vans sk8 his

Just dropping in to say hi! This outfit really isn't that interesting but it is representative of what I've been wearing lately: pants, sneakers, sweater/jacket. Kind of boring but sometimes boring feels right.

To be honest, I hate talking about what I'm wearing but I feel like I have to mention something about the outfit photos I post. I mean, nobody needs to read a five paragraph essay on why I like pants but I guess a cursory mention about my outfit isn't too terrible...

In much more interesting news, over the weekend Grant and I watched this Belle & Sebastian documentary made by Pitchfork. It delves into the making of Tigermilk and If You're Feeling Sinister. If you like Belle & Sebastian I definitely recommend taking a look. BONUS there is also another documentary about Modest Mouse's Lonesome Crowded West--also worth seeing. Great job Pitchfork for making docs on two of my favorite bands/albums ;-)

And now to eat some thin mints and watch An Idiot Abroad.


  1. Ooh thin mints.

    I really like your outfit, actually. I don't find it boring! I have a huge thing for oversized denim jackets. I think they're perfect.

  2. love this! it's not boring - simple outfits can sometimes say more than complex ones. and I agree, I never know what to say when I post an outfit. I think it's best to just let the photos speak.

  3. Thanks SO much for the link to the Belle and Sebastian documentary! I've just finished watching it now, and have to say, it was a very good way to spend 59 minutes of my time!

    1. Yay!! I'm so glad you liked it. It was super enlightening, no?

    2. completely. i immediately went and listened to the album, and loved knowing the background to it and in which it was created


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