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vintage St. James breton sweater - thrifted, Uniqlo anorak, Levi's, vintage lace up boots, Deadbead Club tote bag

The other day Grant and I decided to check out sunken city in San Pedro. We had been once a long time ago, before we started dating ( I think that was the first time we had hung out outside of school?). Anyway, we decided to suss it out again. Sunken city is/was a a coastal housing development that pretty much fell into the ocean after a bad landslide. As you can see, sunken city has that whole "romance of decay" thing going for it, with the added bonus of palm trees and the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. The area is thoroughly tagged up and while we were there we saw some kids adding more tags to the mix. Technically this place is gated off with iron bars, except there is one whole bar missing along the fence which makes it super easy to slip in and out. When we went there were lots of people walking around trying to catch the sunset. Obviously, common sense prevails: stay away from the edge so you don't fall into the ocean and don't climb on anything that looks sketchy.

A hop, skip, and jump away is the Korean Friendship Bell which is where the last few photos were taken. Grant wanted to check it out so away we went. It's a neat spot perfect for flying kites (lots of people were doing this) and for checking out the ocean.

Anyway, if you're in the area totally check these two places out!


  1. Whoa, it looks so cool!! All the graffiti is insane! :D

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