this magic moment

Outfit details:
vintage peter pan collar blouse: thrifted
vintage pleat skirt: thrifted 
A initial pin- gift from Grant
vintage oxfords: thrifted

Hello!  A few snaps from Valentine's Day. Grant and I decided to hoof it to LA to go to the Jurassic Museum of Technology (the below photos are some iphone shots I took while there). We had been once before when I was living in LA and it seemed like it was high time to visit again. I have a soft spot for all things creepy, weird, and macabre (within reason!) but maybe I was feeling extra jumpy this day (too much caffeine?) because I was so creeped out and on edge when we went! Don't get me wrong, all of the exhibits are amazing and so interesting (especially the superstitions section) but I think the music is what put me on edge, it sounded like the kind of stuff you'd hear at a funeral parlor. I assure you It was all very romantic, though ;-) 

Afterwards we grabbed some ice cream at Cool Haus and did some thrifting. We both found a bunch of cool stuff so I think cupid and the thrift gods were smiling down upon us. Then on the way home we stopped in San Pedro and poked around Ports of Call, which is where the above photos are from. Did you know where's a little red trolly that goes through the waterfront? We definitely plan on going back and taking it.

And now a few shots from the museum...  

These two photos are micromosaics! You literally need a microscope to be able to see the mosaic. I'm impressed that my phone captured them so well,
The museum has an amazing little library filled with old books on magic, nature, superstition--all sorts of great topics. I'd love to be able to read and peruse these books!
I forget what this is but it sure looked cool
Pretty butterflies and moths.  

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! That museum seem great, I would love to go there sometime!




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