Outfit details:
vintage DARE t shirt - stolen from Grant
vintage Levi's 501s - thrifted
vintage mohair cardigan - stolen from Grant
Vans Authentics

Hello! Just popping in real quick to share an outfit from a few weeks ago. I've hopped on the 501 bandwagon. I feel like I can only wear these pants with long shirts because I'm still unconvinced about what the high waist is doing for ~my figure~. BUT I do like the more relaxed leg, it's a nice change from skinny. 

Anywho, got a lot of quality HBO to catch up on right now (Game Of Thrones, Veep, & Silicon Valley) so off I go!

PS: Leaving for Europe in a little over 2 weeks--AGH!


  1. Why didn't you wear this shirt yesterday, Sat. at the hippie festival????!!!! (glad to see you two made it home safely)

  2. Just thought I'd send on some travel tips for Lisbon:

    Map of some good spots to visit. Cheap drinks in the faded grandeur of Casa do Alentojo are a must. http://www.theguardian.com/travel/interactive/2009/jun/18/lisbon-portugal

    If you have time take a day trip to Sintra. You won't be disappointed. You'll love the gardens of Quinta de Regalaria. So magical, and there's caves so you can do some spelunking! http://www.regaleira.pt/Default.aspx

    Looking forward to seeing all your travel photos!

  3. Ahhh I love this outfit. I wish I could pull it off. The boyfriend jean just isn't flattering on me. :( We need to hang out in Long Beach soon! Also, have fun in Europe!

  4. I got that exact shirt in 6th grade.

  5. !!! I've been trying to find my official D.A.R.E shirt but I realized that the one they gave me was tan. Needless to say, I went to Forever 21 and now I'm waiting for their shirts to go on sale so I could buy it.


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