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 Outfit details:
90s floral maxi dress: thrifted
Everlane tote bag
Vintage Stetson
Vintage brogues

A few quick iPhone snaps of a little something I wore to check out Ed's Epicly Later'd screening in LA. Not really sure why I'm holding on to my bag for dear life but there you have it.

I was thinking about pet peeves the other day, I think they're fascinating and I love hearing what grinds other people's gears. I'll let you in on one of my biggest pet peeves: being called ma'm. MA'M?!! Oh no, I think you mean miss, random grocery store employee. I think it's also the tone in which people say ma'm. I feel like it's almost always uttered with a hint of impatience or annoyance. When someone does refers to me as miss I inwardly nod my head in tacit approval, with a slight smile on my face, "yeah, that's right, I'm a miss".  Being called ma'm is like the equivalent of someone telling you, "you look tired today" when you feel the opposite of tired and are actually quite wide awake, thanks.  It's a subtle diss! Only when I'm married with a ring on my hitching finger OR pushing a kid in a stroller OR am a woman of a certain age will being called ma'm fly in my book.  

Anyway, just thought I'd share. Anyone else feel me on this or is it just my weird hangup?


  1. I work in retail and always say ma'am to call attention to female customers. I just see it has a sign of courtesy and respect. One time I was in a grocery store and this old lady was talking to herself and saying she hated how someone called her ma'am. It was a little odd and ever since then I feel like people hate it when I call them...ma'am, yet I still use it. I can understand your frustration though. Pretty dress btw!


  2. It really gets my goat when people tell me to smile. Especially men (because it's only men that say it, I guess). UGHGHGHGHHGHGH. Being told to smile is annoying and feels a little derogatory... Oh, I need to smile for you? You don't like my frown/resting face? ...When I'm standing in line at the post office or walking down the street (doing normal, boring things) WHY would I be smiling? What idiot is just standing in a long line of people with a big ass smile on their face?
    The worst part is, I know these guys aren't telling the 50 year old men to "smile!" ...they just tell the young women to smile because it's their lame way of flirting or whatever.

    If you want me to smile, tell me a joke. Say you like my hat. Be friendly. Don't just stand their and TELL me to smile... that's gonna make me frown harder than ever.

    Cute dress!


  3. Such beautiful pictures and outfits. Your hair is getting so long!

    One of my pet hates is men making a really big deal out of opening a door for you, or giving up their seat or waiting for you to get off the train before they step off. It just seems so unnecessary and contrived. I am all for good manners but when they do it just because you're a woman it just makes me feel uncomfortable and awkward as there is really no need to give me a seat on a train - my gender does not prevent me from being able to stand for 5 minutes!

  4. hahahaha! this just made my day! totally feel you! Ma'am almost sounds condescending and makes you feel matronly, all at the same time. Hard pass to ma'am!

  5. I used to hate being called "ma'am" when i was your age, so I can totally relate. now that I'm a true "ma'am" with the ring AND the baby in a stroller and definitely of a "certain" age, I hate being called "miss". usually the person saying it is trying to flatter me (or so it seems, because why else would you cal me 'miss' when i''m clearly NOT), but it comes off as patronizing to me... lol!

  6. Nice hat :) M&MFASHIONBITES mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr

  7. I told my friend before, "I don't want to be called 'Ma'am until I am 70."
    But I asked my dad if he ever called anyone "Ma'am" ?. "Of course", he said. "All the time. It is polite. Especially if she were in a position of respect, or my boss. It wouldn't matter if she's 30 year old. Ma'am is a shortened version of the word Madame which means "my lady".
    "Huh," I thought sarcastically, But it turns out his position is backed up by a number of sources.
    So I've changed my mind and my attitude since then. :D

    Anyhow, I like your outfit. The floral maxi dress looks splendid. I got extremely similar to that, the floral print and color, but mine is halter type which is perfect for summer. I got it from Vintage Swank.

  8. i'm in love with your dress!

    Lauren Taylor


  9. I love your bangs! wishing I would also be able to copy the same style when I attempt to cut mine. :( and btw, i love this whole outfit so, so much :)


  10. I love your dress. So vintage and pretty :)
    Irene Wibowo


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