Outfit details:
overalls - thrifted
blouse - thrifted
sunglasses - Asos

Before I barrage you with all my photos from Europe (I took a little over 2000...), here's an outfit from right before we left. I think my favorite part of a pair of overalls is the bib pocket. I put everything in that front bib (phone, keys, sunglasses), I kind of wish there were more tops that had these pockets--they're so handy (or hands free??). Also, I took the above Converse on our trip and now they are literally 50 shades of grey, might have to dip em in Oxyclean...

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  1. You are my fashion spirit animal. I am copying this outfit for Governors Ball tomorrow. Thank you.
    ALSO---hit me with those Euro pics. I'm so excited to see!

  2. Such a cute outfit! And your hair looks amazing!!
    Can't wait to see your photos from Europe!

  3. Adorable as always and lovely lighting! Cant wait to see your Europe pics although I understand how overwhelming a task it must feel! xx

  4. love this outfit! so cute and comfy but stylish. :)



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