Lisbon Photo Diary

I'm back with another installment of my European photo diary. This time (as promised) I'm sharing a few photos I took in Lisbon. Please excuse the photo quality, a bunch of shots were taken with my phone!
Ahh...beautiful Lisbon!
Beautiful tiled building as far as the eye can see! It was hard not to take a picture of every different azulejo tile design I came across.
A pastel de nata was pretty much the #1 must try dessert that I came across while doing my research on what sort of food things to try in Lisbon. There are tons of little bakeries that sell this  sweet but Pasteis de Belem is supposed to be THE best. So of course we had to find this place. Luckily, there are lots of sights in the little district of Belem, but even if there weren't I think making the trek to check out this bakery would have been worth it. These tarts are rich with a creamy, eggy custard filling atop a flaky pastry shell. They are not too sweet (which we loved) and I liked mine with an extra sprinkling of cinnamon on top.
The Torre de Belem, a prime example of Manueline architecture. It was blazing hot this day and I wanted nothing more than to walk into that water...
The famous yellow tram! 
Exploring the Alfama, the oldest part of Lisbon.
I had read about the Alfama neighborhood and made sure to make it a priority to check out. This neighborhood is no joke. It really is a labyrinth of super old, extremely narrow, but entirely picturesque streets and buildings. Lisbon was totaled in 1755 after an apocalyptic earthquake/ tsunami/ fire trifecta totally destroyed most of the city. The Alfama district was spared. 
We had no real agenda when we were checking out the neighborhood (and I was feeling too lazy to suggest making the hike to the Sao Jorge castle) so imagine our delight when we turned a corner and came face to face with a gorgeous view of the water.  
Poked our heads into random churches
More tile love. 
It's almost too pretty

Here is a takeaway point: Lisbon is HILLY. We stayed in between the Bairro Alta and Baixa neighborhoods and found ourselves climbing stairs upon stairs upon stairs. Locals must have really great legs. 
Anarchy in the streets
We stumbled upon a few skateboards on our night time walks. Lisbon is almost all cobblestone streets (yay) which makes skateboarding inconceivable. We found these guys skating some of the only smooth flat ground we had seen in the entire city. This spot is right in front of the museum of archeology. After watching for a bit Grant made friends with the locals and joined the festivities.
We were determined to go to the beach so off we went to Carcavelos. Although it was sunny and hot the water was freezing so we laid out and enjoyed the sun.
I miss skinny European coke cans! Even the shade of red is better. 

All in all, we loved Lisbon! It was definitely one of the most romantic cities I have ever been to. I had little knowledge of what Lisbon/ Portugal would be like besides what friends had told me who had been previously and of course the parts in Love Actually when Colin Firth goes to Portugal to propose to his housekeeper.  Let's see, the whole Romance of decay vibe was STRONG here. Many buildings were a bit faded in their glory with crumbling tile facades and graffiti tagged walls but that just added to their charm, in my opinion.  Also, we appreciated how inexpensive the city was (a welcomed respite from the prices of London--GEEZ). I would love to visit again. Maybe hit up the Algarve next time too? 

PS: Didn't include any photos from our day trip to Sintra--that's up next!

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  1. Love, lovely pictures! The pastel de nata looks delicious and sounds like my kind of dessert.

  2. What a gorgeous place!! Looks like you guys had an amazing time! :D

  3. OH MY GOD i miss lisbon so so much. especially the pastel de nata! you guys did a lot of the same things as me and seeing your pictures makes me reminisce like crazy. must go back! i didn't get to go to sintra, so i was pretty bummed about that.

    1. Ugh the pastel de nata=SO GOOD! Wishing I could get something like it in SoCal :( And yes, you gotta save something for when you travel back to Lisbon ;-) I would totally go back to Sintra because I didn't even see everything in the city, there's so much to do!

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  5. Wow what nice pictures! Looks amazing! :) www.cosmicconfession.blogspot.de

  6. ah yes, your pictures are bringing back some good memories for sure!! i really loved Lisboa as well and you described it perfectly in "romance of decay." so bright and cheery but that slight bit of decay makes it extra charming.


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