London Photo Diary

Obligatory telephone booth photo, especially since I had Grant's red beanie on and my Vans
We ate breakfast almost every day at Bloomsbury Coffee House.  Definitely a fan of English breakfasts. Beans on toast = revelation. Who knew?! Also, best eggs I've ever had in my life. Normally, eggs kind of freak me out. I eat them because I know they are good for me, but the texture creeps me out if I think about it too much. These eggs were perfectly cooked and I find myself craving them now that I'm at home.
Love this painting by Meredith Frampton, reminds me of Atonement or something.
Something I really miss here in the US is tea culture. Popping in somewhere for a scone and a cup of tea is so up my alley. I feel like I made Grant stop for tea and a scone/ piece of cake every day. A secret fantasy of mine is opening up a tea house/ ice cream parlor. All of the "afternoon tea" tea houses I've ever been to (and trust me, I've been to practically all of them in the LA/OC area) are pretty meh or crazy expensive--someone needs to make a legit place!
A cheery yellow door seen while on The Queens Walk
Ducked under an awning while it rained for a few minutes. Can I just say that the rain is INSANE. Although, as someone who lives in a part of the US that's almost always experiencing some sort of drought, perhaps any sort of rain is "unnatural" to me. I saw it go from sunny/ borderline hot to torrential downpour/ rain apocalypse and then back again in the span of like 5 minutes. AND to top it all of, I saw so many gals wearing sandals and super cute sundresses. I assumed they were locals and this weather was business as usual but if I lived here I'd probably just give up on fashion and wear rain jacket jumpsuit or something.
Although the rain did bring with it the most majestic rainbow I've seen in a while, over the Tower Bridge no less
People tell me these are lilacs which brings to mind a line from one of my all time favorite musicals My Fair Lady, "are there lilac trees in the heart of town? Can you hear a lark in any other part of town? Does enchantment pour out of every door? No it's just on the street where you live."
Grant and I are avid Stuff You Should Know podcast listeners and prior to visiting the British Museum, we had listened to a podcast on Crystal Skulls (newsflash - they are as cool as they sound). We went to the British museum and looked through the collection and after we had left we vaguely remembered that a crystal skull was displayed in a museum somewhere in Europe. We looked it up and, lo and behold a crystal skull was at the British Museum!! WHAT?! So we made sure to go back before we left to seek out the skull. Well, we found it and it was one of the old timey fake ones. Still cool but we want to look into the crystalline depths of one of the OG crystal skulls that purportedly have crazy powers (seeings visions and hearing disembodied voices? Sounds alright).  
Never met a cabinet of curiosities that I didn't like.
Off we went to Buckingham Palace...
Where da corgis at??
Just married!
Deciphering the tube map
Ahh, Regent's Park. So pretty,
Grant found out about the Punch & Judy Festival that was happening while we were in town so we checked it out. So glad we did because it turned out to be one of the highlites of our trip! I had never seen a Punch & Judy show before so didn't really know what to expect but it was SO cute. Granted, the Punch & Judy puppets are kind of creepy looking but the little show is so funny and I was laughing along with all of the little kids (and parents!) who were at this festival.
A brass band played at the festival and it was as charming as it seems in this photo. Just everyone's grandpa in a brass band? How sweet is that??

next post...Lisbon

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  1. Yes!! It has begun! I love this post and I can't wait for the next ones to unfold!! And I really loved the quote from My Fair Lady.

  2. Oh my gosh, this is the coolest. I love how you got some of the stranger aspects of London. I want to travel abroad so badly. Also, I like the tea culture too! Can we go get tea together and finally hang out more? Know any good spots?

    1. Yes! Although I wish I knew of a decent tea place : / Hit me up girl!! :)

  3. aw, i miss my eurotrip. can't wait to see what y'all got up to in lisbon! did you hit porto???

    1. Thank you Rachel! No we didn't get a chance to go to Porto but we did go to Sintra. SO magical :)

  4. Great pictures! I really want to go to London one day :) www.cosmicconfession.blogspot.de

  5. wow awesome shots of London!! while the idea of the huge city overwhelms me (and the prices there!) it's always been on my list of places to hopefully visit one day. it looks gorgeous from your shots and yes! do open a tea/ice cream shop. my dream used to be to open a coffee/ice cream shop, until one summer I worked at a sonic and realized how much ice cream I'd eat around actual good ice cream.


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