Quinta Da Regalaira Travel Diary

 Here it is! Photos from our day trip to Sintra to check out the Quinta Da Regaleira. To be honest, we could have spent a few days just exploring the town of Sintra alone (the whole town is pretty much a UNESCO World Heritage Site)--there is SO much to see and do. Don't get me wrong, we loved Lisbon but Sintra is straight out of a fairy tale.

Getting to Sintra is pretty easy, you take a train (about a half hour ride) and then hop on a bus to see the specific sight you want to see. I guess you could walk to the different sights but the town is really hilly and a few of the places are legitimately on top of a mountain. No thank you.

Anyway, when I was planning our trip and googling "best day trips outside of Lisbon" seeing the Quinta Da Regaleira in Sintra was highly recommended and I can definitely see why.  The QDR (too lazy) is an estate that was built in the early 1900s by a guy who was super into things like Free Masonry, the mysteries of the natural world, Knights Templar stuff with a dash of iluminati mixed in for good measure. Wild stuff, right?
One of the little chapels on the grounds. The manueline architecture mixed in with the forest-y, kind of tropical foliage made this place seem even more mysterious and amazing. 
Moss growing everywhere
One of the many random towers that peppered the grounds replete with treacherous, impossibly steep spiral staircases leading to beautiful views of the surrounding hillside
Ugh what a view!! On top of that hill is the Castelo dos Mouros, an old Moorish castle
Okay so this was a really cool feature. You walk into the doorway and are greeted by a pond and a pitch black tunnel leading to who knows where. As you descend further and further into the darkness the air gets cooler, the ground and tunnel walls are slippery with water, water drips overhead onto you, and as you start to wonder how long this tunnel go on for--BAM! A beam of light shines onto the ground and you realize you're in the most incredible Game of Thrones-esque tower with a spiral staircase chiseled into the rock beckoning you to climb to the top.
Yeah, unreal. The Dragonstone vibes are strong here
These little flowers were growing on the sides of the walls

Just me casually posing by this waterfall, you know.
We saw people walking on these stones and had to give it ago

So many water fountains, ponds, and lush ferns everywhere
A pup friend
D'aww :*)
The tiles!!
Inside the estate

Sigh, what a dream! These photos don't even do this place justice, truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to and I do hope we come visit again!

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  1. Marvelous photos :) Wanna visit this place one day

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  2. oh my god! I've been here! I recognized it immediately from the pictures and couldn't agree more about being able to spend days just in Sintra. such a gorgeous little town and crazy to believe it's so close a train hop away from Lisboa but so isolated still. I was so happy some friends and I stumbled upon it while studying abroad in Spain way back 7 years ago now, all thanks to one friend flirting w/ a Portuguese guy on the plane who recommended it. Looks like you guys had an amazing trip to portugal and spain!


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