MILK TEETHS Vintage | Shop Update

A few of the new pieces currently in the shop! Click the links below the photos to see more detail :)

white 60s dress / bohemian wedding dress / white maxi dress S

ankle boots / brown leather booties / western boots womens size 7

denim skirt / a line skirt / button front denim skirt M-L 

sheer blouse / white ivory shirt / romantic white top S 

saddle shoes / brown leather oxfords / womens oxfords size 7

70s dress / disco dress / black gold 1970s dress M

60s mini dress / babydoll dress / Fall plaid dress S


  1. So many fun pieces!! :D If only I were a size 7, the boots with the bit of leopard are so cool

  2. you look GORGEOUS in that white dress! I don't know how you have the willpower to get rid of things that look that good on you!

  3. fabulous pieces


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