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Pigeon toes and bad posture--ack!
Outfit details: vintage Stetson - thrifted, vintage linen blouse - thrifted, vintage Levi's 501s via Cardigan King

Hey friends! Remember me? Sorry for the silence on the blog front. Excuses are kind of lame but I will say that I've been working on a different, yet to be revealed, blogging project that is separate from this space. Hoping to share it with you all soon :) In the meantime, here's a good ol' fashioned outfit post. I should have snatched these pants up while they were in Grant's shop but alas, they've sold since I've taken these photos. Definitely feeling this more relaxed fit, especially with the absurd heat that's been plaguing Southern California. I wore skinny jeans today, let me tell you--BIG MISTAKE. So sweaty. So not okay. ;-(

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  1. Ooh, those jeans are amazing! Too bad they sold though! Ha ha. But at least you got to try them out ;)

  2. New blog project, exciting!! Seriously, those pants are perfect, great outfit all together.

  3. amazing look! love it


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