Santa Barbara

Outfit Details:
vintage dress - thrifted
Converse High tops

If you follow me on Instagram then you definitely know these photos are old because I done chopped my hair off over the weekend! I was telling my friend who cut it that I was feeling like my hair was toeing the line of being in"horse lady" territory. You know those older women who have really, really long hair? Well to me (and Grant,  we came up with this observation together) those women with really long hair look like they would be super into horses and wear mystical horse t-shirts and collect horse figurines. I'm probably not making any sense. Anyway, it's a look that I want to avoid.  So yes, very happy to have shorter hair again...

Now onto the photos in this post. These were taken while Grant and I went on a short little jaunt up to Santa Barbara for my birthday last month. Namely I wanted to go to Santa Barbara for the food! We went back to Sama Sama Kitchen, a really tasty Indonesian restaurant and more importantly, we visited McConnell's Ice Cream! Ever since Haagan Dazs rudely discontinued (I can't find it anywhere anymore) their salted caramel truffle ice cream (aka my favorite ice cream flavor) a few months ago I've been at a loss. Other brands that have a "salted caramel" flavor more often than not get it totally wrong and make something that tastes like a Werther's Original. Thankfully, Grant randomly brought this ice cream home one night and we've been all about it ever since. The only downside is that a pint is $8 and it lasts exactly 10 minutes split between the both of us. Sigh.

Besides eating good, we were able to do a bit of exploring and stumbled upon this little park in a random neighborhood. Cactus, bougainvillea, AND a view of the ocean??  Santa Barbara, you're not too shabby ;-) Hope to be back again soon!

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  1. cute cute dress<3 will you please be a horse lady later down the road though? we can have a club.....

  2. Firstly, you are adorable in every way. I'm also glad you guys brought up the horse lady thing, because I've never really thought about it, but now that you say it, im like "OMG! yes!!! those ladies!!!" So thank you for that.

  3. Definitely putting me in the California mood with these pics. I have been reading your blog for years (and used to comment quite a bit years ago under my old style blog name ha!). Always enjoyed your blog, not only for the clothes, but for the scenery- my then boyfriend (when I used to often comment before) who is now my husband is from Orange County and we have finally decided to move there once we finish up in Beijing next summer. I definitely want to take a trip up to Santa Barbara! So much exploring to be done!


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