vintage dress up

Hello! Just wanted to share some of the new pieces that are in the shop. It's getting mildly less hot in our office so I thought I'd put on a brave face and do a few outfit posts using pieces from the store...

Mexican blanket dress / Mexican dress / multicolor / striped dress / long sleeve / S

1950s dress / 50s dress / sock hop / musical notes / novelty print / 50s blue dress S

1940s dress / 40s floral / cotton 40s dress / small

Sheepskin jacket / white sheep skin / shaggy furry jacket / Mongolian / M

1950s dress / grey gray dress / 50s house dress / abstract / floral print S

denim backpack / 90s backpack / grunge / soft grunge

60s jacket/ red jacket/ mod coat M-L

1970s jacket / fur collar / fur jacket / winter coat / small

 1960s cashmere coat / swing coat / winter jacket / vintage 1960s coat / s-l

1960s coat / brocade coat jacket / golden yellow coat / loose fit M-L

polka dot dress / button up dress / long sleeve dress M-L

striped dress / gray grey dress / button front dress medium

1970s dress / polka dot dress / mustard yellow / secretary dress / fall fashion / medium

PS: I started an account separate from my personal Instagram (@milkteeths). The new account, @milkteethsvintage is regularly updated with not only peeks of what is currently in the shop, but I've been posting my thrift finds on there as well.

PPS: Don't forget that if you like the shop on Facebook, you can receive a 10% off discount! Just message me for the code :)

Check out the new blog! www.permanent-weekend.com


  1. That 1950's note dress is SO cute!!

  2. Oh wow- I love that musical dress so much! You have such great stuff in the shop!

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